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山楂 — 性微溫,有消食健胃、行氣散瘀的功效,可治消化不良、臉上色斑、暗瘡印等,更可降血脂和消脂。惟體弱氣虛及糖尿病者不宜多吃。

荷葉 -性平,能消暑、清頭目、降脂減肥,適合夏日中暑、頭昏腦脹、暑熱腹瀉、大便出血、流鼻血、高血脂等,惟體質瘦弱、氣血虛弱者不宜。

粟米鬚 - 性平,能清熱利尿,降血糖。適合高血壓病人、水腫、尿道炎及糖尿病人服用。

冬瓜 — 性涼,具有清熱祛暑、利水消痰、減肥的功效,適合浮腫、肥胖、暑熱煩悶者飲用。脾腎虛弱易有腹瀉者、陽虛體質不宜。

紙包米水建議零售價:$15/包| $180/箱(12包)

建議零售價:$15/包| $180/箱(12包)

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Fat burning ingredients at-a-glance
In the season of wearing sleeveless shirt and shorts, you cannot hide any excess fat. You may think about losing weight. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, you should understand your body condition first. For example, you should figure out if you truly have obesity (strong and dense muscle, with a large appetite and always hungry) or have asthenic weight gain (loose muscles, poor appetite, cold and bloated limbs). Besides conditioning the body, eating more Chinese hawthorn and lotus leaf can also improve fat burn. The fresh Chinese hawthorn looks like a mini apple and can be eaten as fruit or can be brewed with water. Fresh lotus leaf can be used directly to cook soup or congee, and they will be found every summer in the market. Dried Chinese hawthorn and dried lotus leaf are more common, and they are available in Chinese medicine shops and dried goods stores.
If you suffer from edema, you should strengthen the spleen to dispel dampness first. If the edema is obvious, corn silk and winter melon are ingredients that can clear the heat and promote diuresis, which helps to lose weight. You can add a piece of ginger to counter the cold nature. Over 90% of winter melon are made up of water, making them especially suitable for consumption during the hot summer, helping to clear summer heat and replenish moisture. Fresh corn silk can be bought in the market and boiled with water.

Chinese Hawthorn- mildly warm in nature, can aid digestion and strengthen the stomach, promote qi circulation to remove bruising. Helps to aid digestion, facial freckles and spot, pimple marks and so on. It can also lower blood lipids and improve fat burn. Those with weak body, qi deficiency and diabetes should eat less.

Lotus leaf- mild in nature, can clear summer heat, improves vision and dizziness and burns fat. Suitable for summer heat stroke, dizziness, summer heat diarrhea, stool bleeding, nosebleeds, high cholesterol, etc., but not suitable for those with weak body and qi and blood deficiency.

Corn silk – mild in nature, clears heat and promotes diuresis, lower the blood sugar. Suitable for those with high blood pressure, edema, urethritis and diabetes.

Winter melon – cool in nature, clears summer heat, promotes diuresis, clears phlegm and burns fat. Suitable for those with bloating, fat, summer heat and irritability. Not suitable for those with asthenic spleen and kidneys, prone to diarrhea, or yang deficiency body condition.

✔ Recommendation: Dawn Rice Water
Effects: reduces water retention, relieves abdominal bloating, improves yellowish complexion
Paper pack rice water list price: $15/pack| $180/case (12 packs)
Rice water powder list price: $138/box(15 packs)

✔ Recommendation: Chinese hawthorn tea
Ingredients: Water, Chinese Hawthorn, rock sugar, oolong tea
Effects: Aids weight loss and improves fat burn, regulates qi to enhance blood flow. Suitable for indigestion, dull complexion, skin discoloration and chubbiness.
Note: This tea is sour in taste. Those with stomach acid reflux and are prone to stomach pain and discomfort should not drink on an empty stomach. Suitable for drinking before menstruation; not suitable for pregnant women and women during menstruation.

Note: Chinese hawthorn is sour and not suitable to have on an empty stomach. Not suitable for pregnant, menstruating women or those with stomach discomfort.
List price: $15/pack| $180/case (12 packs)
Available in: CheckCheckCin shops | Green Common|HKTVmall|Ztore

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