Genmai+Chrysanthemum+Green Tea

Ingredients: Genmai (Brown Rice), Chrysanthemum, Pre-Qingming Long Jing

Japan Shizuoka Genmai – strengthens the spleen and warm the stomach.
Huangshan Gold Chrysanthemum – nourishes the liver and improves vision.
West Lake Pre-Qingming Long Jing – clears heat and detoxifies.

Effects: Strengthens the spleen and warms the stomach.
Nourishes liver and improves vision.
Clears heat and detoxifies.
• 100% Natural.
• No additives.
• Individually sterilized packs.

Place the teabag in cup and fill with hot water.

Ready to serve when the aroma develops, can be rebrewed until its flavor weakens.

1 box x 5 packs

Made in Hong Kong

This product contains caffeine.

Note: Not suitable for pregnant or menstruating women.

SKU: 71121


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