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中醫理論認為胃氣以降為順,正常胃氣是向下行的,「胃失和降」的話胃氣便會上逆,導致噯氣、打嗝的情況,就要注意好好養胃改善症狀。遇上胃脹、胃氣多的情況,可以飲具有疏肝理氣功效的茶療,例如青皮桂花茶,有助紓緩胃脹不適。亦可以按壓內關穴、中脘穴,以大拇指指腹輪流按壓各個穴位約 30 秒,能緩解胃脹症狀。




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Acupoints to relieve abdominal bloating
Many people suffer from abdominal gas. They feel the upward flow of abdominal gas and feel stagnation. Burping is quite relieving. But sometimes abdominal gas comes out during inappropriate occasions, such as in an elevator, or during the meeting, which can be very embarrassing. Have you ever thought about why you have so much abdominal gas? There are many reasons for abdominal bloating, including irregular meal times, eating too quickly, talking while eating, frequent consumption of raw/cold food, drinking carbonated drinks, chewing gum, heavy work stress, eating too many foods that cause abdominal gas such as glutinous rice , sweet potatoes, milk, carbonated drinks, etc.
Chinese medicine theory believes that the normal abdominal gas flows downward. Poor functioning of the spleen and loss of balance in the stomach cause upward flow of abdominal gas, and lead to burping and hiccups. It is necessary to take care of the stomach to improve the symptoms. In case of abdominal bloating and excessive abdominal gas, you can drink herbal teas to relieve stress and regulate qi, such as dried unripe orange peel tea with fingered citron. You can also press the Inner Pass (Nei Guan) Point and Central Venter (Zhong Wan) Point, and use the thumb pulp to alternately press each point for about 30 seconds to relieve abdominal bloating.

Inner Pass (Nei Guan) Point
Location: Located three finger breadths below the wrist on the inner forearm in between the two tendons
Effects: Calms the mind, nourishes qi and relieves pain, good for the heart.

Central Venter (Zhong Wan) Point
Location: located in the abdomen, below the ribs in the midpoint between rib cage and belly button, about 6 finger widths above the belly button
Effects: nourishes stomach and strengthens the spleen, alleviates symptoms of abdominal pain, poor appetite and digestive system pain
Note: do not press after a meal for two hours.

Dried unripe orange peel tea with fingered citron
Effects: Relieves stress and regulate qi, relieves symptoms such as stomach discomfort due to phlegm and dampness 
Ingredients and preparation: 6g dried unripe orange peel, 9g fingered citron. Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 800ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Tea can be re-brewed until flavor weakens.

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