means ‘to check first” in Cantonese

CheckCheckCin means “to check first” in Cantonese. Checking first will kick-start a balanced living, which is the key to a new preventative approach using traditional Chinese Medicine principles to make easy and healthy decisions. Each individual has a unique body type, so it’s important to “check first” and eat right for your individual needs to prevent a multitude of ailments and illnesses. Bitter medicine and strict diet regimes aren’t the only paths to a healthy lifestyle!

CheckCheckCin gives you the knowledge and tools to take control of your own health with a simple-to-use mobile app, publications, health products, delicious mocktails, and our Chinese Medicine clinic concept shop.

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This app is designed using traditional Chinese medicine principles to help you easily identify what foods are suitable for you!

Book Series

Chinese Healing Soups is a beginner’s guide to Chinese medicine. The book covers the basics of Chinese Medicine, and is intended to be a “Chinese Medicine 101” presented in layman’s terms. Chinese Healing Soups also includes practical information from the eight body types to information on how to treat symptoms accordingly. Included in the book are 61 bilingual soup recipes for those that want to prepare Chinese soup at home as a holistic treatment.

Chinese Healing Soups 2 covers the basics of Chinese Medicine as it relates to children from 6 months to 12 of age. It introduces three body types for children and includes 60 bilingual soup recipes suitable for the entire family. This book teaches parents how to prepare food for children according to their body symptoms, and serves as a guide for food selection during the four seasons and according to different common illnesses seen in children. Also included in the book are infant tui na methods, definitely an all rounded go-to book when raising a child!

Available for purchase at local bookstores.

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Cinci Leung

Cinci Leung (Cinci EC) is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Hong Kong. She graduated from Pepperdine Unversity with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, the University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese medicine, as well as from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a master of science in acupuncture. Cinci is also the author of a best-selling book series “Chinese Healing Soups 1 & 2” and she hopes to share her insights and knowledge of how simple adjustments in your daily diet can help maintain your health.

Her patient-oriented approach, coupled with her high standards for quality, ensure that each of her patients receive the best, most appropriate treatment and care. Cinci is also a firm believer in preventive healthcare, and strives to promote the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle to the public through a variety of channels. Her relaxed and accessible approach encourages patients and followers alike to take charge of their own health in order to improve their well-being and transform their lives.