May 2, 2020


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小朋友喜歡各式動物,不如就叫他們模仿動物走路方法,例如大熊步行姿勢(Bear Walk),膝蓋微微屈曲,雙手彎腰按在地上,模仿大熊向前爬行;螃蟹步行姿勢(Crab Walk),坐在地上屈膝,雙手伸直按地撐起身體,狀似拱橋姿勢,模仿螃蟹爬行,這些運動都可活動到腰部及上肢肌肉。


Home exercises for children
COVID-19 have led to school suspension and children are at home a lot. Children who usually have a lot of activities are stuck at home without proper way to burn their energy. In addition to the frequent research and development of recipes during this time, many parents worry that the children begin to become unhealthy. It is better to arrange children to do different types of exercise every day, which can not only activate gross motor mucles and burn off energy. Parents can also take this time to exercise! Remember to pay attention to safety and only do what you can when exercising.

.Jump to left and right along the line
Make a straight line with tape on the floor. Children walking heel to toe along a straight line can train balance. When playing with family members, two of you can stand on the left and right sides of the line, hold hands and face each other, then jump together. The person who is standing on the left side jumps to the right side. Person who is standing on the right side jumps to the left side. Let’s move together.

.Animal walk
Children like different animals, so let them imitate the animal walking method such as bear walk. Bend the knees slightly, bend the waist over and put hands on the floor, then imitate the bear crawling forward. Try the crab walk by sitting on the floor and then bend your knees, and stretch your hands straightly to support your body like an arch bridge posture and imitate crab walk. These movements utilize the waist and upper limb muscles.

Burpees are a set of continuous exercise that can move to the whole body muscles. The space required is the size of a yoga mat. First, stand with your feet at shoulder width, bend your knees slightly, then squat with your hands on the floor, jump the feet backwards. Your body is doing a palm-pressing posture, then jump forward with your feet, stand up and straighten the hands and jump high up towards the sky. This is one set. Start by doing movements slowly to become familiar, and then you can speed up. Children can even battle with your family to achieve the highest record in one minute.

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