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外國流行Overnight Oats的吃法,燕麥加入冰凍牛奶或豆漿,然後放入雪櫃隔一夜取出食用,從中醫角度來看並不建議這種吃法,因為生冷食物會對脾胃造成負擔,建議煮熱燕麥食用。

Oatmeal is healthy for your digestive system
“I am 4 months pregnant, which paper pack rice water would be recommended?”
“Paper pack dawn rice water, paper pack red bean rice water, paper pack oatmeal rice water do not contain coix seeds, so they are suitable for pregnant women to drink.”
“Can I have oatmeal during pregnancy? Some reports on the internet claims that it could cause miscarriage!”
The power of internet can be very strong, and a lot of false news and urban myths are spread as if they are real. The word “miscarriage” is frightening for expecting mothers. They would rather to be safe than sorry and avoid oatmeal even if it may be beneficial.
From a Chinese medicine perspective, oatmeal is mild in nature and sweet in taste. It can strengthen the spleen, nourish qi and stop excessive sweating. It is rich in fibre and can loosen the bowels to relieve constipation. Loosening bowel does not lead to miscarriage. If pregnant mother has constipation, she may eat more oatmeal. But remember do not consume too much as it may cause indigestion or abdominal bloating.
Overnight Oats is popular overseas. Mix frozen milk or soy milk with oatmeal, and consume after placing in the fridge overnight. It is not recommended from the perspective of Chinese medicine because eating cold/raw food will cause a burden on the spleen and stomach. It is recommended to eat cooked oatmeal.
Besides strengthening spleen and stomach, and stopping excessive sweating, drinking oatmeal rice water can enhance digestion. Pregnant mothers should develop the habit of drinking rice water every day, which helps to strengthen the spleen and nourish the baby.

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