August 6, 2021



? 將冰塊咬碎
? 刀叉刮過碟子
? 指甲刮過黑板
​​? 發泡膠互相摩擦
​​? 不悅耳的拉二胡或小提琴聲音


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Goosebumps moments
The summer’s heat is exceptionally hot, but there are some sounds that can trigger goosebumps as if we have caught a cold. Do you know what causes this biological reaction?

When we feel cold, our sympathetic nervous system will cause the arrector pili muscles to contract, making our hair stand on end. This is to block the pores to prevent heat from dissipating, and that is what goosebumps feel like.

The same thing would happen when we are fearful or feel nervous or excited. Rumors have it that the human species tens of thousands of years ago were once covered in fur, and they would erect the hair on their body to scare off their enemies.

Certain sounds tend to give us goosebumps. Can you think of any?
? Chewing ice
? Scratching the surface of a plate with a fork or a knife
? Scraping a chalkboard with fingernails
? Rubbing two Styrofoam pieces against each other
? Unpleasant erhu or violin sound

When we enter an air-conditioned space from the outdoors during summer, the wind from the air-conditioner can give us chills. Having sweat on our body might cause us to catch a cold, so remember to wipe the sweat off our body before entering an air-conditioned environment. Also, carry a jacket or scarf with us all the time to keep us warm.

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