November 2, 2023


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What causes shingles?

When you see hot, itchy red rashes on your body, you might think it’s just skin sensitivity. But when the blisters start hurting like crazy, it turns out to be shingles! In Western medicine, shingles are also known as herpes zoster. It tends to show up when your body’s defences are low, and you’re feeling down, a warning sign from the body to pay more attention to your health.

In traditional Chinese medicine, shingles is a type of skin condition. It shows up as red blisters that follow the body’s nerve lines, often on the back, waist, arms, or even eyelids. It’s more likely to happen to people with constitutions prone to dampness-heat, phlegm-dampness, and qi stagnation with blood stasis. Emotional stress and liver issues can also lead to skin trouble, which can transform into heatiness over time and can also lead to an outbreak on the skin.

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