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CheckCheckCin:香港人時間分秒必爭,連做運動都想找捷徑,難怪坊間流行不少標榜短時間爆汗的健身操,爆汗後更重要是自拍留念。流汗是身體的散熱機制,但流汗多與少跟體質有關;氣虛及陰虛體質人士特別容易出汗,可能運動5分鐘衣衫已盡濕,所以大量排汗只是掩眼法,而且中醫理論認為「汗為心之液」,出汗過多會耗傷心的陰血 ,所以汗多不一定代表好。如果想藉做運動瘦身,要注意「心率」及「時間」,一般來說有效的運動時間要在30分鐘以上,而且持之以恆,一星期運動3-4次,配合健康飲食,有需要時諮詢註冊中醫師調理體質,瘦身就能事半功倍。

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Can we lose more weight when we sweat profusely?
“I heard certain sports can help us sweat more profusely in a short time, so we can lose weight more efficiently. Does excessive sweating help with weight loss?”

CheckCheckCin: Time is precious for Hong Kong people, and we tend to find alternative ways to achieve greater results in just a short time. The same logic applies to our workout sessions, as we want to sweat as much as possible within a short period.

Sweating is a way for our body to dissipate heat, and the amount of sweat we produce depends on the body constitution. Individuals with asthenic qi and yin tend to sweat more easily, and they might be drenched in sweat after exercising for just 5 minutes. Hence, we should not obsess over the amount of sweat we produce.

According to the Chinese Medicine theories, ‘sweat is the fluid of the heart’. Excessive sweating can exhaust the yin of the blood in the heart, so it is not necessarily good for the body. If we wish to lose weight, we should pay attention to our heart rate and duration of exercise.

Generally, an effective exercise should last at least 30 minutes, and individuals should exercise 3-4 times a week. We have to monitor our diets and eat healthily. If need be, consult registered and licensed Chinese physicians to improve the body constitution, as this will be of tremendous help to your weight-loss journey.

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.