May 15, 2019




Things to eat after exercising
Whether you are trying to lose fat or tone up, diet and exercise would need to be complementary. Some say that you absorb more into your body if you eat after exercising. Many people therefore do not eat after exercising or they choose to have salads. The truth is this might negatively affect your health too. From a Chinese medicine perspective, salad is a cold/raw food. It is easy to damage the yang qi after eating. Once the yang qi of spleen and stomach are damaged, the fluid transport functions will be reduced which will cause water stagnation in the body and it cannot discharge extra fluids. The body will produce phlegm and dampness symptom and cause problems such as stomach discomfort, fatigue, edema, etc. Therefore, eating salads after exercising may cause adverse effects.

In fact, it is necessary to absorb the appropriate calories and nutrition after exercise to repair the body tissue and help to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. It is recommended to eat from half an hour to 1hour after doing exercise. The diet should be mainly based on high-quality protein and carbohydrates such as oat rice water, red rice, brown rice, rice, millet porridge, potato, sweet potato, egg, pork, chicken, fish, etc. Those food should be steamed, boiled or simmered. Avoid fried and other oily cooking methods. Eat appropriate fruits and vegetables until you are about 70% full.

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