November 28, 2020

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Dry vs wet ear management
Our earwax can be categorized into wet and dry types; whichever category you belong to depends on heredity. Studies have shown that the Chinese commonly has dry earwax. Dry earwax is generally light yellow in color and come in shreds. Wet earwax on the other hand is soggy and sticky, and normally comes in the colors of dark coffee or caramel. 
Be it dry or wet earwax, they serve the same function, which is to protect the ear canal by adhering itself onto dirt and have them removed from the ear canal through our jaw movements. We should only clean areas where we can see with our naked eyes, that is, the exterior of the ear canal. It is easier to remove the dry earwax but as for wet earwax, a Q-tip will come in handy to absorb the oily substance. We should not extend the Q-tip into the ear canal.
An appropriate amount of earwax can moisten the ear canal and kill bacteria, but when it becomes too overwhelming, the ears would hurt and our hearing ability might be affected. If this happens, we should seek a professional service provider to do the job, as we might risk hurting the ear canal, eardrum, and causing inflammation, if we were to do it ourselves.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.