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「如何可以長高一點?」是父母和孩子常問的問題,身高受遺傳影響,而後天的均衡飲食、適量運動和充足睡眠,都可以使孩子發育得更好。中醫典籍《黃帝內經》有「女七男八」 的說法,女生約14歲來初經,21歲長智慧齒同時停止增高;而男生16歲開始發育,24歲長智慧齒同時停止增高。作為父母可以把握孩子發育時期,要養好脾胃及腎。




1. 所有材料洗淨,鮮淮山、紅蘿蔔、粟米去皮切塊備用,栗子剝殼。
2. 鍋中加入2500毫升水,放入全部材料,武火煮至水滾,調文火煮1.5小時,最後下鹽調味即可。

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Soup to promote growth
“How can we grow taller?” This is a question parents and children would often ask. Height might be hereditary, but we can expect better growth if our children have a healthier diet, exercise appropriately and get enough sleep.

Teenage girls usually experience their first menstruation at about the age of 14, grow wisdom teeth at the age of 21 or so, and this marks the end of their growth period; as for boys, they would hit puberty at about the age of 16, and develop wisdom teeth at the age of 24. It is at this point they will stop growing taller. As parents, we need to observe the children’s growth period closely, and take care of their spleen, stomach and kidney.

In order to do so, eat an appropriate amount of foods that are beneficial for the spleen and stomach, for instance, Chinese yam, white hyacinth bean, barley, lotus seed, sweet potato and potato; consume less raw and cold food, as that can hurt the spleen and stomach.

The qi in kidney and growth have a close interdependent relationship. Sleeping late will damage the kidney; therefore, it is vital to sleep early. Do consume an appropriate amount of food that can replenish the kidney, such as black sesame, black fungus, black bean, black-bone chicken, as well as nuts such as walnut, peanut, pistachio, and chestnut.

Tips for soup to strengthen spleen and nourish kidneys:
Appropriately add in spleen strengthening ingredients such as hyacinth bean, coix seed, lotus seed, potato, and kidney nourishing ingredients such as black fungus, walnut, black chicken etc.

Chestnut and black bean soup with carrot and corn
Effects: Replenishes and nourishes. Strengthens the spleen and nourishes the stomach. Improves early appearance of white hair and dry hair.
Ingredients: 1 Chinese yam, 1 carrot, 1 corn, 30g peanut, 30g black bean, 80g chestnut, 2 candied dates
1. Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Peel Chinese yam and carrot and cut into pieces. Peel corn and cut into pieces. Peel chestnuts.
2. Combine all ingredients with 2500ml of water in a pot and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 1.5 hour. Add salt to taste.

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