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– 早睡早起,配合大自然的節奏。
– 早上起床後梳頭,頭為諸陽之尊,梳頭有助升發陽氣。
– 適量曬太陽,選擇朝早或傍晚不是烈日當空的時間。
– 多做節奏較慢的運動,散步、健步、慢跑、瑜伽、踏單車、耍太極等,讓身體微微發汗。
– 保持室內空氣流通,開動抽濕機,保持環境乾爽。

Adjust your lifestyle to combat spring fatigue
Do you find yourself extra tired during spring? Even if you have slept for a long time, you cannot seem to find your energy. Chinese medicine theory believes this is due to changes in weather and you experience spring fatigue. People likely to be get spring fatigue usually have asthenic weak spleen and stomach, and insufficient yang qi. Once you have consumed your yang qi in the winter, spring is a time when yang qi increases. If you have insufficient yang qi to move qi and blood, you will experience fatigue, dull skin, depressed mood. It is humid in the spring, coupled with poor dietary habits with frequent consumption of raw/cold and oily food, dampness can retain in the body and affect the functions of your spleen and stomach, leading to fatigue, tight chest, bloating, and difficulty passing stool. To fight spring fatigue, it is important to increase yang qi and dispel dampness, try taking a walk outside under the sun, have rice water daily to strengthen the spleen and stomach. When you feel tired or heavy headed at work, try pressing on your Si Shen Acupoint to give yourself a boost.
Si Shen Acupoint
Location: located at the center top of the head, four points grouped one inch around the bai hui point.
Effects: awaken the mind, improve poor energy, dizziness and feeling of swelling in head
Method: Use your finger to massage the left and right Shen Ting points, then the front and back ones.
Lifestyle adjustments to fight spring fatigue:
– Sleep and wake up early to match nature’s rhythm
– Brush your hair when you wake up in the morning to increase yang qi
– Appropriately sun bath, choose early morning or evening when the sun is not too strong
– Do rhythmically slower exercises like walking, speed walking, slow jog, yoga, stationary biking, and tai chi allow your body to sweat gently
– Keep indoor air flowing, turn on your dehumidifier, and keep the environment dry and crisp

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.