September 18, 2017



朝早幾經辛苦擠入地鐵車廂,抬頭看看左右都是黑著嘴臉的上班、上學族。回到公司看到老闆黑著面,以為自己遲到再望望時間卻沒有,難道老闆今天心情欠佳?原來人是會因為身體狀況而影響面色,面色比較黯淡可代表腎虛、體內寒偏盛或較多見因嗜飲食生冷,體內氣血運行不暢順而導致血瘀體質,更會伴隨黑眼圈、唇色偏紫、靜脈曲張等 。上班族、學生們甚至自我要求高等人士每天都忙著改善自己、為生活奔馳,看著死線做人,同時也忙著為平衡工作帶來的壓力而拼命玩樂及忙著尋找人生真正意義。每天忙碌過活,難免越忙面色越黑!所以有可能你的老闆並不是黑你面,而是他真的擁有一張黑面,想星期一過得順利一點,為身邊的同事、上司送上一杯幽香的花茶疏疏肝吧。

Being too busy makes for darker complexion
During the morning commute, you often see people looking quite unhappy with darkened complexions; and when you get to work, you see the same on your boss’ face and wonder why that is. In reality, people’s complexion can reflect their body conditions. Dull complexion can mean weakened kidneys. Those who often eat cold and raw foods or just have a lot of cold in their sstyem can have blood stasis body constitution. This is usually accompanied by dark eye circles, purplish lips color and varicose veins. Those who work or go to school are often too busy with goals and deadlines- the busier a person gets, the darker their complexion becomes! So if you see a darkened face from your boss, it might not be an issue with you but just an overall body issue. To have a smoother Monday, try giving those around you some floral tea to relieve the stress.

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