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正月十五是農曆新年的第一個月圓之夜,亦即元宵節,傳統上會吃湯圓,象徵團團圓圓。湯圓甜膩會造成身體負擔嗎?哪種體質宜吃/不宜吃?中醫為你詳細解說!還會教你自製懷舊片糖湯圓及新穎湯圓食法。湯圓吃太多容易滯,來碗 開胃 消滯湯紓緩消化不良的症狀。

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Different glutinous rice balls recipes for Lantern Festival

The fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year marks the first full moon, and it is also called Lantern Festival. On this day, people would consume glutinous rice balls, which symbolizes reunion. Would the sweetness from the glutinous rice balls cause a burden to the body? What type of people should avoid eating them? Let our Chinese medicine doctor explain everything in detail!

We will also teach you how to make the traditional glutinous rice balls with cane sugar and different ways of consuming glutinous rice balls. Excessive consumption can cause indigestion, drink a bowl of soup to help ease stomach discomfort.

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