November 12, 2017





Getting stomach aches when rushing to meet deadlines?
The pressure always intensifies when a deadline is approaching. What follows usually would be abdominal bloating and pain, and even worse, sometimes the pain spreads to lower back. Once you get some time off work, all the pains disappear again. This is all because stress is causing the pains. Sometimes you may be so busy that you would forget to eat, or lunch time may have passed when you have the time to eat. Other times, you have so little time to eat that you eat too quickly causing ingestion. Then you may have to work untill late at night and eat midnight snacks, but the stress already caused liver qi loss and midnight snacking increases burden to the spleen and stomach. This would lead to abdominal discomfort, bloating and pain. If you experience these symptoms every time you have a deadline, then try to avoid cold/raw foods and stimulating foods normally to lessen regular burden to the spleen and stomach. Also try pressing on the Zhong Wan acupoint before bedtime.
Zhong Wan Point
Location: located at the abdomen, midway between the umbilicus and the sternocostal angle
Effects: Relieve stomach aches, abdominal pains, lack of appetite and digestive issues.

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