March 17, 2017



☑︎ 印堂穴:位置雙眉之間,有效通鼻、明目。
☑︎ 迎香穴:鼻翼外緣中點旁,可強肺通鼻,鼻塞時可按至有痠疼感覺才停。
☑︎ 魚腰穴:位於眉毛中間,瞳孔以上,可明目消腫,舒緩因敏感而引起的炎症。

Why is my nasal allergy causing my eyes to itch too?
People prone to nasal allergy have bodies that are prone to all types of allergies, and will frequently experience allergy-related symptoms. When you experience itching in your eyes, you likely have already developed an eye allergy, and both nasal and eye allergies have the same source of allergen trigger. From Chinese medicine perspective, to treat nasal allergy you have to strengthen your lungs first. Strengthening flow of lung ‘qi’ can help increase immunity. Most people with nasal allergy also have asthenic body types and should take care to keep warm to avoid catching colds. You can also apply pressure to a few acupoints for 1-2 minutes to help relieve symptoms of nasal and eye allergies.
☑︎ YinTang Point- located at between the eyebrows. Relieves stuffed nose, and improve vision clarity.
☑︎ YinXiang Point- located at the outer side of the wings of the nose, towards the center point. Strengthens the lung and clears stuffed nose. When your nose is stuffed, you can apply pressure on it until you experience soreness.
☑︎ YuYao Point- located at the center of your eyebrows, above your pupils. Improves vision clarity and reduces swelling. Relieves itching and infection caused by allergies.

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