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Tame dry and frizzy hair

Is your hair dry and frizzy? Our hair would become as dry as the dried bushes in the desert, dull, frizzy and have split ends, especially after a series of outdoor activities and water sports. Waking up each morning to style our hair can be a nightmare.

Besides frequent dyeing and perming, Chinese Medicine theories believe our body constitution would also cause our hair to turn dry. According to the sayings ‘the liver stores the blood, and the hair is the extension of the blood’ and ‘the kidneys store the essence, hence it is reflected in the hair’, individuals with an abundant qi in the blood and kidneys would normally have thicker, darker, and brighter hair. On the contrary, those with a lack of qi in the blood, liver, and kidneys would have drier and thinner hair.

We can rely on hair conditioner and oil to treat dry hair, but they do not get to the root of the problem. To improve the condition, we should start tackling our body constitution. Focus on nourishing the yin and blood by consuming red ingredients like wolfberry, red bean, and red date. We should also consume black ingredients that are good for the liver and kidneys. For instance, black fungus, black bean, black rice, black glutinous rice, black sesame, black date, mulberry, and black-boned chicken can also help nourish the hair and promote hair growth.

Hair nourishing tea
Ingredients: 6g mulberry, 10g Ligustrum, 6g Herba ecliptae, 1g mint
Effects: nourishes yin and replenishes blood, improves hair quality. Alleviates stress induced or post-delivery white hair or hair loss.
Preparation: Cook all ingredients with 800ml of water on high heat until boiling. Then turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. The tea can be poured into thermos and re-brewed until flavour weakens.
Note: this tea is not suitable for those recovering from a cold/flu.

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