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✔️CheckCheckCin 美茶推介:難入眠

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Nourish the heart to overcome insomnia

Do you still suffer from insomnia despite overcoming caffeine addiction? From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, sleeping difficulty, excessive dreaming, waking up in the middle of the night shocked, and feeling tired after waking up as if we have not slept the whole night are cases of insomnia.

Many insomnia problems are associated with the heart. For instance, the recent pandemic has caused many people to develop symptoms like burnout, overworked, constant worrying, damage to the heart and spleen caused by stress, and lack of nutrients in the heart.

All these conditions would cause excessive dreaming and nonrestorative sleep, and palpitations and forgetfulness. Consume ingredients that can calm the mind. For instance, lotus seed, lily bulb, longan, spine date seed, and dwarf lilyturf. These ingredients can help soothe individuals’ minds during sleep.

Heart-nourishing sweet soup with dried longan and red bean
Effects: Calms the mind, relieves difficulty in falling asleep due to over thinking.
Ingredients: 30g red kidney beans, 30g red beans, 1/4cup red rice or 1 pack red bean rice water powder, 6 dried longan, cane sugar to taste
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients. Add 1000ml of water in the pot. Besides cane sugar, add all the ingredients and cook on high heat until boiling. Then turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add in the cane sugar and cook for 5 minutes.

✔️CheckCheckCin Beauty Tea Recommendation : Poor Sleep

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