December 18, 2017




Feeling really cold in the middle of the night?
The temperature has really dropped this week and you can feel that winter is finally here. If ou are up at night playing video games, watching shows or on your phone, you may feel col even though you have a coat on and the winters are not open. Your limbs feel quite cold too and this is your body telling you to stop having those late nights! Staying up late uses qi and blood, and cold pathogens can enter your body without you knowing. When your qi and blood are not flowing, meridians get clogged hurting your yang qi. Your body’s warming system get hung up as a result. When its cold, remember to have sufficient amount fo sleep. Some of you may have to wake up earlyf or work but during the weekdsn and holidsy, it is best to sleep until you see the sun to nourish your yang qi!
Suggestion: you feel cold, have a cup of warm fried rice water!



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.