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– 面色暗沉
– 有黑眼圈
– 掉髮/白頭髮增多
– 色斑漸多
– 時有頭暈耳鳴
– 視力減退
– 記憶力衰退
– 睡不安寧
– 夜尿頻繁
– 腰膝痠痛
– 畏寒怕冷
– 精神欠佳
– 備孕良久仍然未有消息/反覆流產


1. 黑芝麻及合桃用小火略炒至有香味;龍眼乾洗淨切碎。
2. 將材料放入鍋中,加入900毫升水,以武火煮滾後調文火煮10分鐘,倒進保溫瓶泡5分鐘即可。

Ladies should nourish the kidneys to prevent aging
People often think asthenic kidneys only happens to men but in Chinese medicine, kidneys refer to more than the organ, but also includes bones, blood making, reproductive system, aging, and urinary functions. Nourishing the kidneys can ensure healthy reproduction, give your skin elasticity, let your hair shine, and avoid cold aversion.
Check if you have these symptoms to see if you have asthenic kidneys!
– Dull complexion
– Dark eye circles
– Hair loss/Increase of white hair
– Increase of freckles
– Occasional dizziness and tinnitus
– Vision loss
– Memory loss
– Poor sleep
– Frequent night urination
– Soreness and pain in the knees
– Aversion to cold
– Lack of energy
– Inability to conceive/ reoccurring miscarriage
If you have four or more of the above symptoms, then you should note if you have asthenic spleen. If the symptoms are sever, be sure to check with a professional. With your diet, Chinese medicine theory says ‘black can enter the kidneys’, so black-coloured ingredients can help to nourish the kidneys. Examples are black sesame, black rice, black glutinous rice, black dates, black soya beans, black fungus, mulberries, black chicken. Here is a healing tea to replenish the kidneys, and it is suitable for those with frequent computer usage and dull complexion.
Longan tea with black sesame and walnuts
Effects: replenish the kidneys, suitable for those with frequent computer usage, dry skin, and dull complexion.
Ingredients: 6g black sesame, 10g walnuts, 10g dried longan
1. Fry black sesame and walnuts on low heat until fragrance develops. Rinse longan and cut into small pieces.
2. Combine all ingredients with 900ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Pour into thermos and steep for 5 minutes.
Note: this tea is warm in nature, those with heat-related and damp heat body types should avoid.

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