April 26, 2017




CheckCheckCin: 龜苓膏中常見的成分龜板、夏枯草、雞骨草等,都是苦寒食材,較適合脾胃正常而身體偏熱人士服用。龜苓膏性寒涼,易傷脾胃、傷陽氣,過量進食或體質非偏熱者或會導致大便稀爛、神疲乏力、手腳冰冷等。由於有清熱解毒的作用,可治因濕熱、熱毒引起的暗瘡,暗瘡多呈現為有膿頭、色紅、腫、熱、痛,伴隨症狀是多面油、有口臭等。

CheckCheckMail: Whenever I have a lot of pimples, my mom will tell me to have some Tortoise Herb Jelly, but I don’t feel like it helps at all. Why is that?

CheckCheckCin: Tortoise Herb Jelly is usually made of turtle shell, selfheal plant, Chinese prayer bead grass. They’re generally bitter and cold natured and are more suitable for those with heat-related symptoms. Tortoise Herb Jelly is cold-natured so it can easily hurt your spleen, stomach and overall yang qi. Taking too much, especially for those not having any heat-related symptoms, can lead to soft stool, fatigue, and cold limbs. Since it has healing effects of clearing heat and detoxification, it can help with acne due to damp heat and heat toxin. This type of acne has pimples with pus, red in color, hot and painful. It is usually accompanied by oily face and bad breath.

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