May 29, 2017



➽粽的主要成分──糯米,有補中益氣、止瀉、止汗的功效。能暖脾胃,減夜尿。還是要注意,扭傷、痛症患者不宜服用,胃部容易不適者(多胃脹、有胃氣)不 宜 多 食,極其量一星期1-2隻粽好了。


Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
Rice Dumplings (Zong)
Suitable: qi deficient, blood asthenia, yang deficient body types
Not Suitable: qi stagnation, phlegm and dampness, damp heat body types
It’s the festive holiday of making and eating rice dumplings again! Just heard a patient with weak stomach and spleen mention eating it every day during this time! A gentle reminder to everyone that it’s a humid season and the body tenders to collect dampness. Different internal and external factors may negatively affect your digestive system, causing gassiness, stomach bloating and even stomaches. The main ingredient in rice dumpling is glutinous rice which helps to replenish vital energy and qi, and has healing effects of stopping diarrhea and excessive sweating. Glutinous rice, however, is not suitable for those with muscle sprains or chronic pain conditions. It is also not recommended for those prone to stomach discomfort (bloating and gassiness), at most 1-2 rice dumplings per week is recommended.
➽➽➽Here’s a tea remedy to promote qi circulation and aid digestion, especially congestion due to carbohydrates such as rice, noodles and potatoes:
Malt and rice sprout tea
Ingredients: malt and rice sprouts 9g each, 1 shredded dried orange peel
Preparation: Put all ingredients into a tea bag, and put into a thermos. Add hot water to rinse contents of tea bag and then dispose water. Add in hot water again and steep for 20 minutes.
Effects: Aids digestion and nourishes stomach, relieves symptoms indigestion and stomach discomfort. Directed especially congestion from eating carbohydrates such as rice, noodles and potatoes. Helps to promotes qi circulation and improves digestion.
Note: This tea contains malt which aids with weaning, and it is not suitable for breastfeeding women.



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.