January 21, 2022



經常羨慕模特兒天生麗質身材勻稱,望一望鏡中的自己,總覺得自己虎背熊腰、脂肪橫生… 試盡不同減肥方法,還是對自己身形不滿意,有想過是寒背的問題嗎?寒背的人上身看起來好像很厚,令人有肥胖的錯覺,而且會造成小腹突出。現在的你是否寒著背滑手機?快更正姿勢,從今天起挺直腰背做人,不但身形體態有所改善,自信心都會提升。

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A Straight Posture Makes You Instantly Look Thinner

We often admire the figure of models, when we look into the mirror, we often see thick back, unwanted fat everywhere. No matter how hard we workout, we are still not satisfied with our body shape. Does it ever occur to you it’s because of the slouching posture?

People who slouch may appear to have a thick built, causing an illusion of being chubby and would make your belly stick out. Are you slouching right now while scrolling on your phone? Hurry and sit up straight now, and from today on, stand tall! This will not only correct your posture, but also boost up your confidence!

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