November 30, 2019




豆腐 — 性涼,具益氣寬中、生津潤燥的功效,適合身體虛弱、氣血雙虧、營養不良人士食用。因為性涼,慢性胃寒病人、脾胃虛寒及大便稀薄者不宜多吃。


Relax for a minute- the tofu challenge

Tofu is an affordable and nutritious common ingredient. You can buy cloth tofu, soft tofu and hard tofu in the market. Hard tofu is preferred as it has more nutrients, as it has less water content and is made with gypsum powder, the quality of protein and calcium is relatively high. Each plate of hard tofu is pressed with a checkered pattern. Tofu stalls will cut based on the checkered pattern. A plate of hard tofu has a total of 12×12 boxes, 2×2 is a piece. A piece of hard tofu sells for $5. Buy four pieces and get one free. How much does it cost to buy a plate of hard tofu?

Tofu – cold in nature, can nourish qi, relieve qi stagnation, promote fluid production and relieve dryness. It is suitable for those with weak body, qi and blood deficiency and those who are malnutritioned. As it is cold in nature, those with chronic cold stomach, asthenic spleen and stomach and loose stools should eat less.

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.