November 14, 2018




白蘿蔔 — 性寒,具健胃消食、化痰止咳、清熱利尿、生津止渴的功效,可紓緩消化不良、胃脹腹脹、噯氣、胃酸倒流,適合氣滯、血瘀體質、高血壓、高血脂及肥胖者食用。惟白蘿蔔有行氣功效,氣虛體弱、虛喘氣短、容易腹瀉、陽虛體質不宜食用,正在服用補氣中藥亦要避免,否則影響藥效。

Have Radish in the Winter
As it is common to see dry-heat and phlegm issues in the winter, the seasonal radish is a good choice as it helps to moisten the lungs, relieve cough and phlegm. A lot of people may have more warm natured things in the winter leading to heat stagnated in the digestive system. Appropriate consumption of radish can also help to clear heat and improve digestion. Beef brisket or lamb brisket pots are common warm natured dishes, radish is a good complementing ingredient to include.
Radish- cold in nature, can strengthen the stomach and aid digestion, relieve phlegm and cough, clear heat and promote diuresis, promote fluid production and relieve thirst. Alleviate symptoms of indigestion, abdominal bloating, frequent burping and acid reflux. Suitable for qi stagnation, blood stasis body types, and those with high blood pressure, high blood lipid and obesity. Radish, however, can also help to promote qi circulation, and it is not suitable for those with asthenic qi, shortness of breath, yang deficiency, and tendency to have diarrhea. Those having medicine to replenish qi should also avoid radish as it may interfere with the medicine healing effects.

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