October 15, 2017



經常聽長輩說坐月期間不應喝白開水,只可喝炒米茶、薑水或補湯等屬性偏溫的茶飲,否則會入寒?其實是可以的。最重要是要配合體質,如果身體有偏熱症狀如有痔瘡、口瘡、盜汗、喉嚨痛則更不可每天服用。 另外哺乳媽媽尤其需要水分才會有足夠的母乳。容易上火的可每天飲用屬性平和的米水,促進脾胃康復,另外每天可以煮屬性平和的健脾胃湯水等。飲食生冷寒涼尤為大忌。產婦體質屬多虛多瘀,當飲食生冷寒涼後,體內血液容易被凝結,血流不暢,使惡露排不清,甚至引致產後腹痛。

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No regular water during confinement month?
You often hear elders say that during your period or confinement month post birth, you cannot drink regular water or touch ‘raw water’. The claim is that cold will enter so you can only drink fried rice water, ginger water or tonic soups. In reality it is important to drink according to your body constitution. These drinks may not be suitable if you are experiencing heat related symptoms such as hemorrhoids, canker sores, or night sweating. Breastfeeding mothers also need to ensure they have enough fluid intake and it’s always good to have mild-natured rice water and soups. However, it is important that women post labor avoid cold drinks and raw/cold foods.



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