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毛豆及黃豆 — 性平,健脾利濕,紓緩脾虛水腫、無胃口等症狀,適合各體質人士服用。惟注意過量服用容易引起胃脹,痛風及尿酸過高患者忌服。

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Edamame can strengthen the spleen to relieve bloating
Many people want to get their bodies ready for summer. It is very important to choose the right ingredients. If you become hungry between meals, try choosing edamame as a snack. Edamanr is a common Japanese dish that compliments beer. Cook the edamame (in its pods) in salt water. Squeeze out the bean from the pod to eat. Edamame is actually soybean that is picked when it is 80% ripe. And the soybean is dehydrated after maturity, and becomes smaller and harder. Therefore, from the Chinese medicine perspective, the nature and effects of edamame and soybean are similar. Both can strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness, relieve the symptoms of spleen deficiency and edema. It is especially suitable for those with edema, and those with loose muscles, swollen face, cold and bloated limbs, fatigue, and lack of appetite. Note that both edamame and soybean may cause abdominal bloating, and those with poor gastrointestinal functions should avoid eating. Edamame and soybean are high in purine contents so those with gout and high uric acid should avoid eating too.

Edamame and soybean- mild in nature, can strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness, relieve asthenic weak spleen, edema and lack of appetite. Both are suitable for any body condition. Note that excessive consumption can cause abdominal bloating. Those with gout and high uric acid should avoid.

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