November 4, 2017



身邊有不少朋友曾經斗零踭不離腳,每天健步如飛的縱橫各漫長地鐵站上班去,下班happy hour直落面不改容。當上媽媽以後,以往的戰鬥格鞋子全被打進冷宮,根本不會打開那一格已封塵的鞋櫃。但人在江湖,難免要出一出event。穿上久違的斗零踭,雖是短短數個小時,到家脫鞋子的一刻,已感受到雙腿的委屈。

這時候女士們可以鹽水浸腳,溫水裡加入3湯匙食鹽,將雙腳泡至雙腳暖和, 皮膚輕微發紅為止,大概15分鐘。泡腳能促進血液循環,舒緩雙腿肌肉疲勞。臨睡前泡腳亦有助入眠。

Long time no see, stilettos
There are people around who used to wear stilettos all the time, and they can walk all day on them on the subway and through happy hour. After becoming a mom, the stilettos practically don’t see the light of day again. Occasionally, there may be a special function that would require wearing them again. It would have been so long that just after a few short hours, your feet would feel the torture and you can’t wait to take them offa gain.
This is the time to use salt water to soak your feet. Add 3 tablespoons of salt to warm water and soak your feet until they are warm and your skin is slightly red, usually for about 15 minutes. Soaking your feet can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue on your legs. Soaking your feet before bed time can also help to fall asleep.

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