October 20, 2017




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Is fried mixed rice water better?
A lot of people have fried rice water during confinement month, most are made with steeping white rice or brown rice. Recently, there’s a trend for mixed rice water which is to add in red or black white on top of white and brown rice, so is it more nutritious and better for bloating? Fried rice water is actually good for dispelling cold and is especially suitable for ladies post labor who are asthenic cold. Steeping plain white rice to make fried rice water is sufficient. White rice is most effective to replenish vital energy and can also nourish the spleen and stomach as well as replenish qi and blood. It also helps with breast milk production and relieving swelling. When the spleen and stomach are functionality well, then it can transport and dispel excessive fulids as needed. Breastfeeding relies on qi and blood so when you have plentiful of them, milk production will be more smooth. Although white rice has less fiber than brown rice, it is easier to absorb and suitable for most adults. Aside from post labor, fried rice water is suitable to dispel cold after being rained on or any time you feel cold.



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.