November 14, 2020


⭐傳說打嗝 100次會死


1. 叫別人問自己「食咗飯未?」

2. 連續喝七啖水

3. 叫人嚇自己

4. 從100倒數到0

5. 胡思亂想

中醫理論稱「打嗝」為「呃逆」,是膈肌和肋間肌等輔助呼吸肌的陣攣性不隨意攣縮,出現呃逆與飲食過急、過飽、進食很熱或很冷的食品、飲酒、溫度改變等有關,亦可能因為正氣虧虛、胃氣上逆所致。想抑制呃逆,除了常見的飲水、抑制呼吸等方法,亦可按壓天突穴,有助緩解呃逆症狀。如果連續打嗝 24小時以上,宜求醫治理了解成因。


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Myths to stop hiccups
When we experience a sudden outburst of hiccups, we immediate recall health myths from our childhood days. Which of the following have you tried to so to stop hiccups?
1. Request someone else to ask: “Have you eaten?”
You will then need to answer: “Yes I’ve eaten”.
2. Drink seven sips of water continuously
Why not, five, six, eight or nine sips though?
3. Ask someone to frighten us
Rumor has it that being in shock can put an end to hiccups
4. Count from 100 to 0
What difference does it make if we were to start counting from 0?
5. Allow your imagination to run wild
Distract yourself from the fact that you’re experiencing hiccups

According to Chinese Medicine theories, hiccups are a result of singultation, which refers to a spasm between the breathing muscles such as diaphragm and the intercostal muscles. Such condition occurs when we gobble food too rapidly or when we are already bloated; consume very hot or cold food and beverages, and cause a drastic change in the temperature. 
It could also be due to the deficiency of the qi, which leads to the adverse rising of stomach qi. We can massage the ‘tian tu’ acupoint to relieve the situation, on top of the usual remedies – drinking water and holding our breath. If hiccups persist for more than 24 hours, do consult medical advice to diagnose the cause.

TianTu Point
Location: above your sternum in the center point
Apply pressure using your finger, the correct strength level should cause a feeling of soreness. Apply pressure for 1-2 minutes.

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