February 21, 2018




燕麥:性平,能健脾益氣、止虛汗,更有降血糖的功效。燕麥含有大量纖維,不但飽肚而且低脂,有助舒緩習慣性便秘、多汗等症狀,適合產婦、嬰幼兒、老年人等人士服用。 要注意因為燕麥含有大量纖維,過量服用或會停積成滯反而會引致便秘。


During the Chinese New Years, it is important to have an abundance of food and new clothes. But a lot of times, after all the celebratory meals, your spleen and stomach suffer. You may think it just takes eating less for a few meals to solve indigestion issues but sometimes this may have the opposite effect. It is more effective to have coarse grains to replace meals to nourish the spleen and stomach! Modern people normally eat quite heavily, try a few simple coarse grain meals for a healthier choice!
Oats: mild in nature, strengthens the spleen and nourishes qi. Stops excessive sweating and can also lower blood sugar. It is high in fiber, it helps to ease hunger and is low in calorie. Alleviates chronic constipation and excessive sweating. Suitable for pregnant women, young children and elderly people.
Buckwheat: cool in nature, helps to relieve indigestion and strengthens the stomach. It is most effective for those with indigestion, lack of appetite, and chronic diarrhea. Buckwheat also helps to clear heat and relieve hangover. During the new years, you may have eaten too much foods that are hot in nature or over consumed meats and have an overall feeling of being stuffed with heat symptoms. You can try a buckwheat noodle with Kombu soup. Note that buckwheat is cool is nature so it is not suitable for those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach. Buckwheat is also high in protein and not suitable for those with allergic skin and nasal allergies.

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.