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秋葵 ── 性寒,又稱羊角豆、毛茄、潺茄,具有清熱、降火氣作用,其豐富的黏液質可潤燥、護胃。但由於性寒,脾胃虛寒、容易腹瀉及軟便者不宜多吃。而由於性味甘寒而滑,孕婦忌食。

Okra can clear heat
When you first encounter okra, you may be apprehensive due to its furry skin and sliminess when you cut through. But after a few times, you might start to appreciate its crisp and silky flavour. Summer is the season for okra. It is native to Africa. The edible part is fruit pod. Besides the common green okra, there is also red okra. Its nutrient composition is similar to green okra. The difference is that red okra contains a small amount of anthocyanidin. The most special part for okra is the sticky texture. The mucus of the fruit pod can adhere to the gastric mucosa, protect the stomach wall, promote the secretion of gastric juice, and improve the symptoms of indigestion. From a Chinese medicine perspective, okra is cold in nature and has the effect of clearing heat. It is suitable for people with heat related body condition or heat-related symptoms.

Okra – Cold in nature, and can clear heat. Its rich mucus can relieve dryness and protect the stomach. However, as it is cold in nature, it is not suitable for those with asthenic spleen and stomach, prone to diarrhea and soft stools. Pregnant women should not eat okra because of its cold nature.

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