March 11, 2021




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Breaking the ‘looking ten pounds heavier on screen’ curse
Battle of drinks to dispel dampness

It is often said that people will look ten pounds heavier on screen. How do female celebrities, who have to be in front of the camera regularly, avoid water retention? While some will drink a cup of black coffee when they are doing their makeup, some will prepare their own coix seed water or red bean water in their thermos and bring it along wherever they go.

Which of these drinks are more effective then? It all depends on your body constitution! From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, coffee is warm in nature and has diuretic properties. Some view it as the remedy to get rid of water retention, but individuals with a heat related body constitution need to be mindful of this fact. Excessive consumption of coffee can cause the accumulation of heat in the body and our skin will dehydrate more easily.

Coix seed water, on the other hand, is cool in nature, and can dissipate heat and eliminate dampness from the body. Hence, it is suitable for individuals with the phlegm-dampness. However, people with a weak and cold spleen and stomach should not drink coix seed water excessively.

Red bean can nourish the blood and stomach, but it is not as effective in eliminating dampness from the body. The so-called red beans actually refer to rice beans, which are mild in nature. It can strengthen the spleen and has diuretic properties. While any individuals with the water retention problem can have this and those with frequent urination issues should not consume too regularly.

✔CheckCheckCin Recommendation: Edema
Ingredients: Chinese yam , hyacinth bean coat, poria, dried citrus peel
Effects: Strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness. Relieves bloatedness, lower-body bloating and eyelid swelling.
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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.