August 11, 2022



– 設定可行的運動目標,循序漸進
– 事前計劃好運動時間表及準備物資,例如上班時帶備運動用品,lunch time 或下班後直接運動去
– 不要與他人比較,包括運動時間、強度、體型等,專注自己的步伐
– 嘗試新的運動模式,讓運動變得更有趣
– 找朋友一起運動,找教練上課或者參加運動課程,有人陪伴感覺更佳
– 接受自己有懶惰的時候,間中可以休息一下
– 拍照記錄自己的運動足跡和體態變化,甚至放上社交平台分享

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Exercise to improve your mood

People always say “exercise is good for the body”. Exercise has a close relationship with mental wellbeing. When we exercise, our brain will secrete dopamine, which can soothe our emotions and boost our good vibes.

When you encounter stumbling blocks at work or feeling disheartened, try putting on your running shoes and go for a short exercise. You might be able to solve your problem after that. Exercise would give us instantaneous pleasure, and it will benefit our emotional health in the long run. Studies have shown that exercise can help individuals combat anxiety and stress more effectively. Besides, exercise can help regulate our sleep. An improved sleep quality will also make us feel better. Moreover, exercise can improve our body shape, which in turn increase our confidence.

But how can we motivate ourselves to exercise when we are feeling dispirited? Here are a few tips to motivate you to exercise regularly:

– Set feasible targets and adjust from then on
– Set aside a time for exercise and prepare everything you need in advance. For instance, bring sports equipment with you when you head to work, or go exercise directly after lunch or working hours
– Do not compare yourself to others, especially in areas like duration, intensity, and body shape. Focus on your own progress
– Try new ways to spice up your exercise regime
– Exercise with friends. You can also get yourself a trainer or participate in relevant courses. It feels good to have a company to exercise with
– Allow yourself to take a break when you do not feel like exercising
– Take photos to record your journey and the changes of your body shape. You can even share it on your social media

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