October 29, 2017

【打工仔惡夢】 OT無止境??‍♀️


萬聖節得人驚?相信對於很多打工仔來說,不能收工更得人驚。工作繁忙壓力大、很多時更要工作至夜深。難得到了星期六、日,人已累得連運動也無力做,日積月累下,身體自然不會好,出現各種不同的都市病。尤其是壓力大情緒差的人,特別易出現胃痛、胃氣脹,有時更會覺得胸屭,而女性更有可能出現痛經及異常等症狀。這一切都可能源於壓力,當人情緒欠佳,就會引起肝氣鬱結,就是因為氣滯,所以就會出現以上的症狀,所以對於各位無工收的打工仔們,最緊要就是疏肝解鬱!明白大家已要忙得不可開交,最簡單的疏肝方法就是喝一杯花茶,不妨將每天工作時提神的coffee time改為花茶時間,較健康又可疏肝,對舒緩壓力更有幫助!


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Nightmare of all working people- never ending OT

Think Halloween is scary? To most working people, not being able to finish work and go home is worse. Work can be quite stressful, and it becomes worse when you have to work until wee hours at night. Finally when it’s weekend, you are so tired that you don’t have energy to exercise. Overtime, your health deteriorates and you develop different issues. This is especially true for those with high stress and poor emotional state- you would be prone to abdominal pain and bloating, at time tightness in chest. For ladies, menstrual pain and irregularity can develop. All of this comes from stress, and when your mood is poor, it will lead to liver qi depression. This qi stagnation leads to all of the above issues mentioned. It is very important for working people to relieve stress appropriately. One of the simplest ways to do so is have a cup of floral tea. Try replacing your coffee break with floral tea break which is healthier and can help to relieve stress.

Floral tea to stock in your office: jasmine, rose, sweet osmanthus, jasmine flower
Preparation: add small amount of dried flower with hot water into thermos. Steep until aroma develops. Add honey to taste.



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.