May 5, 2022


每天早上醒來就能排出完美的香蕉型便便,整天心情都好起來,你認同嗎?可惜不少人受便秘問題困擾,不斷尋找有助排便的保健品服用或想到多喝水和吃蔬果,期望透過增加水份及纖維量令便便路路暢通。這兩種方法對有些人有效,有些人卻沒幫助,為甚麼?從中醫角度來看,便秘成因也有分虛── 氣虛、血虛、陽虛,實──濕熱、氣滯,想根治便秘問題宜配合體質進食合適食物,情況嚴重的話就要諮詢醫師對症下藥。


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Goodbye constipation

It always feels good to poop first thing in the morning. Do you agree? Unfortunately, many of us are troubled by constipation and have to constantly look for supplements to improve our bowel movements. We would also drink more water and eat more fruits, hoping that water and fiber could help relieve constipation.

These methods are helpful to some but might be ineffective to others. Why so? From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, constipation has two categories: deficiency——of the qi and blood, and exterior excess——heat-dampness and stagnation of the qi. To get to the root of the problem, we must consume foods according to our body constitution. For more severe cases, we would have to consult Chinese physicians for professional medical advice.

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