March 28, 2020




生冷食物 — 直接影響體內氣血循環,未能推動體內水液運行,因而聚濕。
煎炸油膩食物、甜品 — 肥甘厚味食物會加重脾胃負擔,阻礙化濕。
牛奶、芝士、奶茶 — 牛奶性質滋膩,容易惹起痰濕。
菇菌 — 生長在潮濕陰暗處,屬於濕氣重食物。
啤酒 — 喝酒會影響肝脾運作,以致濕氣積聚,而且啤酒一般都是冰凍飲用,亦屬生冷食物。
滋陰食材 — 雪耳、沙參、玉竹、花膠等滋陰食材進食過量,脾胃未能消化反而會聚濕。

Stay away from ingredients that can lead to phlegm and dampness
During spring, one should nourish the liver and dispel dampness. Each week you may try to make a soup to dispel dampness, but the dampness symptoms are not improving. What went wrong? Maybe you have not paid attention to your diet. You might be eating too many ingredients that lead to phlegm and dampness when dispelling dampness. Therefore, you are not making progress. Remember to eat carefully when you want to dispel dampness, otherwise the soup will be wasted!

Ingredients that may cause phlegm and dampness
Cold/raw foods- It directly affects the blood and qi circulation in the body, and your body cannot properly circulate fluid in the body, which leads to phlegm. 
Fried and oily foods, dessert – Oily and fatty foods increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and affect your body’s ability to dispel dampness.
Milk, cheese, milk tea – Milk is greasy and can cause phlegm and dampness.
Mushroom – It grows in a humid and dark place, and it has heavy dampness.
Beer – Drinking alcohol will affect the function of the liver and spleen, and lead to accumulation of dampness. Also, beer is generally drank when cold, which is a kind of cold/raw food.
Any ingredients that can nourish yin – The spleen and stomach fail to digest but accumulate dampness when eating too much snow fungus, radix adenophorae, radix ophiopogonis, fish maw and so on.

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