August 27, 2017






Have you experienced sudden appearance of blotchy rash all over your face, neck or arms? They itch a little and are a bit warm, and they might be a bit similar to mosquito bites. They may appear just for a few hours and disappear but later come back in a different area of your body. When you completely recover, no marks would be left behind. This usually is a result of consuming foods that you are allergic to such as alcohol, seafood or even certain seasoning. Sometimes you just need to take some medication, other times you may need a shot to resolve the issue. But what actually causes rashes?

The western medicine equivalent of this rash is hives or allergy. It usually appears in blotches and sometimes happens after getting blown by wind and that’s why people call it a ‘wind rash’. People prone to this have weaker bodies and their body constitution also subject them to the condition. When your body is already working close to its limits, added with stress, emotions, food intake or weather factors, the body basically gets attacked from inside and out to cause the rashes.

Since a lot of different factors can lead to rash, it is important to identify the cause and apply appropriate medication accordingly. When you are taking medication, avoid spicy foods, seafood, smoking and alcohol. You should regularly maintain a healthy spleen and stomach, and keep your body strong.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.