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Consume these and sweat a bit
Onion and garlic are part of the five strong vegetables group. From a Chinese medicine perspective, they are acrid-warm in nature and helps to promote sweating. If you have a cold due to wind-chill, having some garlic or onion can help to stimulate yang qi, expel wind and cold, and relieve the beginning symptoms of a flu. It is important to note, due to the acrid-nature of these food, you may accumulate heat if they are over consumed. If you have a warmer-nature to start, and have yin deficient and excessive heat, then onion and garlic are not suitable for you. The five strong vegetables each have different effects but they can all promote sweating.
Garlic- warm in nature. Promotes qi circulation, warms the spleen and stomach, improves appetite and strengthens spleen. Relieves beginning symptoms of wind-chill flu and food stasis. Can be eaten raw or with congee.
Onion- warm in nature. Dispels wind and cold, promotes qi circulation and decrease phlegm. Steamed onion water can relieve symptoms of wind-chill flu such as aversion to cold without sweat, stuffy nose with clear mucus. It is not suitable for those experiencing fever, sore throat and yellow phlegm.
Spring onion- warm in nature. Induces sweating, activate yang qi to dispel yin chill. Relieves beginning symptoms of wind-chill flu, nasal allergies, headaches, and cold stomach.
3 Stem of spring onion (just the white portions with roots, rinse clean), 10 light fermented soy beans, 500g water, cook on high heat until boiling then simmer for 10 minutes.

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