June 16, 2022



胖大海 — 性寒,有清肺化痰、利咽開音、潤腸通便的功效,適用於肺熱聲啞、咽喉疼痛、肺熱咳嗽、燥熱便秘等症狀。

羅漢果 — 性寒味甘,具解暑清肺、化痰止咳、潤腸通便功效,適合風熱型感冒、經常熬夜、煙酒過多、飲食過度而導致的喉嚨痛、扁桃腺發炎、失聲及便秘等症狀。

蟬蛻 – 疏風透熱、利咽開音、明目。適合因為風熱感冒引起的失聲、喉嚨腫痛等症狀。

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Salted bamboo bees are bamboo bees that have been brined and dried under the sun. It is cold in nature and can dispel heat, clear phlegm, and calm the mind. We can boil it in water and drink the water to relieve throat discomfort and strengthen the vocal cord.
Due to its cold nature, salted bamboo bees are not suitable for individuals with a cold body or those with a weak and cold spleen and stomach. We also should not consume this regularly. Individuals who constantly develop a hoarse voice should consult licensed physicians.

Ingredients that are good for the throat:
The common ingredients that are beneficial for our voice are malva nut, monk fruit, and cicada slough, and they are all cool in nature. These ingredients can relieve voice hoarseness or voice loss caused by the wind-heat and lung-heat factors. ⚠️They are not suitable for individuals with the wind-cold condition or those who do not exhibit heat-related syndrome.

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