January 7, 2018




每天運動半小時?> 每天lunch離公司遠一點吃,來回走多了幾步得幾步!
減十磅?> 每天喝一杯米水,脾胃健康自然體重適中。

Theory of small adjustments- start your New Years with stress relief

What New Years resolution have you made for 2018? Are these really 2018 goals or do they feel like wishes that don’t happen each year? If you have set impossible goals for yourself each year then you find yourself feeling like you haven’t achieved your resolutions at the end of the year. In reality, a lot of things can be out of your control, try starting this new year with stress relief. Don’t try to force yourself or others to change, and understand that everyone has their own biological clock. Negative thoughts can be a source of stress so try setting more achievable goals for yourself!

Sleep and wake up early? > try cutting down the time on your phone before sleep and start with sleeping 15 minutes early!
Exercise daily for 30 minutes? > have lunch farther away from the office everyday to increase the walk time to and from the office!
Lose 10 pounds? > have a cup of rice water daily and achieve appropriate weight with healthy spleen and stomach.
Say bye to junk food? > try to adjust appropriately and going cold turkey on junk food may lead to added stress that can cause you to want to binge eat!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.