November 7, 2023




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Today marks the beginning of winter and it’s the first solar term of winter. The weather becomes cold, everything is hidden, and some animals enter hibernation to prepare for spring. Humans don’t hibernate, but the human body also adapts to nature and metabolism is relatively slower. Hence, the main point of healthy living is to nourish yin and protect yang. At this time, you should move less, to consume less qi and sweat less. Change strenuous exercise to easy jogging, stretching or yoga. You can enjoy the sunlight to raise yang qi, go to bed early and get up late.

There’s often the saying that you should have more tonic food in winter to strengthen your body. However, Hong Kong has a southern climate. The weather is still not cold at the beginning of winter. It is more suitable to nourish our spleen and stomach before eating tonic food. We can moderately consume white rice, congee, coix seeds, Chinese yam and sweet potato. Drinking a cup of rice water daily. Also, we can consume foods that are good for essence and kidney such as black sesame seeds, chestnuts, walnuts, etc.

Healthy living during the Beginning of Winter Solar Term:
“Nourish yin and protect yang qi. Nourish the kidneys and preserve vital energy.”

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