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經痛是女生永遠說不完的話題,遇上那幾天不方便的日子,女生一個眼神,好朋友好同事立即遞上暖水袋、熱朱古力甚至止痛藥,因為大家都感同身受!在M痛等級表裡,你活在哪一個級別?謹記經痛不是必然的,按自己體質好好調理就能慢慢改善,祝大家早日升上第一級Happy Period!

第一級 – Happy Period

第二級 – 輕微悶痛

第三級 – 暖水袋隨身

第四級 – 止痛藥渡日
第五級 – 地獄級別

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The different levels of menstrual pain 
Women’s menstrual pain can be an endless topic of discussion. A glance is all it takes to know a woman experiencing discomfort during period, and friends and colleagues would also immediately offer warm water bag, hot chocolate and even painkiller because we understand the pain! Out of all the stages of menstrual pain, which level are you at? Note that menstrual pain should not be regarded as a common occurrence, and it can be improved with proper care and treatment. Hope all of you will one day ascend to Level One – Happy Period! 

Level 1 – Happy Period
With the neutral body condition, you are not troubled by menstrual pain. A happy girl, that’s who you are!

Level 2 – Mild pain and feeling stuffy
Mild pain might happen on and off during period; drinking hot beverages can help relieve the condition.

Level 3 – Carry a warm water bag with you
Occasional bouts of pain; do keep a warm water bag by your side during those particular days. 

Level 4 – Spending days with painkiller
It is almost as if someone kicked your uterus; the pain causes cold sweats and makes it difficult for you to get up from bed; you do not wish to become a woman again in your next life. 

Level 5 – The abysmal hell
The pain experienced during every menstruation cycle is almost like childbirth; might cause vomit and diarrhea. What are you waiting for? Go consult a doctor!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.