October 5, 2017

星期五湯水 -雪梨紅蘿蔔沙參玉竹素湯



材料:雪梨2個、紅蘿蔔1條、雪耳1朵、沙參15克、玉竹15克、無花果 3枚



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Friday Soup Series- Pear and Carrot Vegetarian Soup with Glehnia Root and Radix Ophiopogonis
Ever feel a bit constipated? And after some struggle, you only get some really hard lumpy stool? This is a sign of heat-related constipation and could happen when there’s lack of sleep and increased consumption of stimulating and fried foods. This creates heat accumulation in the digestive system, and you may also have dryness and dry mouth issues and ultimately lead to hard lumpy stool. If you want to avoid difficulty when passing stool during the fall, start nourishing yin and clearing heat to replenish body fluids.
Good bye to lumpy stool
Ingredients: 2 pears, 1 carrot, 1 snow fungus, 15g Glehnia Root, 15g Radix Ophiopogonis, 3 figs
Preparation method: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Soak snow fungus in water for half a day until soften, then cut off black bit from bottom. Core unpeeled pears and cut into pieces. Peel carrots and cut into pieces. Combine ingredients with 2000ml of water in a pot, and place over high heat until the water boils. Switch to low heat and simmer for an additional hour. Add salt to taste.
Effects: Nourishes yin and relieves dryness. Alleviate dry skin, lumpy stool and constipation.



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.