March 7, 2017





❃My friends told me cutting out rice can help with my diet, but I seem to be gaining weight since then. Is it true that the high sugar content in rice makes it easy to gain weight?
In reality, when you cut rice out, you usually end up eating more of the dishes, which still causes you to gain weight. ❃On the contrary, rice has vital energy, is full of nutrients and leader of the grains. It helps to strengthen your body and replenish ‘qi’, so from a Chinese medicine perspective, we don’t suggest cutting out rice. In reality, a bowl of white rice only has 200 calories; so if you want to have a filling meal but not overeat, then eating rice actually helps with that. You can further reduce calorie intake by adding grains like brown rice or red rice. ❃If you’ve given up rice for some time and feel that you are always tired and feel cold easily, then you can start by drinking rice water to strengthen your spleen. Have a glass of rice water every morning, replenish your spleen then restart your diet program.


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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.