October 11, 2022



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Why we shouldn’t drink soup when we catch a flu

We would experience appetite loss when we catch a flu. To some, soup is nutritious, and drinking it would make them feel comfortable. Some even believe drinking chicken soup with spring onion can expedite the recovery! 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻 There are many types of home remedies for flu, and we have to be mindful of that!

Chinese Medicine theories believe patients should not drink soup when they are down with the flu. Chicken soup is even a big no-no because chicken is warm in nature and can nourish the qi and the blood.

Flu, on the other hand, is caused by the exogenous pathogenic factor. Should we start nourishing our body before getting rid of the pathogenic factor, we might trap it in the body.

Individuals who suffer from the wind-heat type of flu and exhibit symptoms like fever, sore throat, cough with phlegm, dry mouth, and the like, consuming chicken or drinking chicken soup can further aggravate their health condition. When we are ill, we should not eat nourishing foods, including soups.

Consuming nourishing foods can increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, and our bodies will not be able to absorb those nutrients. Hence, drinking more water, warm lemon water, and rice water is sufficient.

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