October 25, 2020



1. 以下哪種衣物最防蚊?
A. 淺色短袖衫 B. 深色長袖衫 C. 深色背心

2. 遇到雷暴,要避免站在以下哪個地方?
A. 斜路 上 B. 石頭上 C. 樹下

3. 行山時遇到意外的求助電話號碼是⋯⋯
A. 999及110 B. 999及112 C. 112及911

4. 行山時被困,以下哪件物品最能吸引救援人員注意?
A. 迷彩雨傘 B. 彩色風褸 C. 綠色背包

5. 以下哪種飲品最適合行山時飲用?
A. 珍珠奶茶 B. 提神咖啡 C. 清水


Relax for a minute- hiking quiz

1. Which of the following clothing can deter insects?
A. light-colored short sleeve shirt B. dark-colored long sleeve shirt C. dark-colored singlet

2. When encountering lightning, what should we avoid?
A. slope of a road B. top of a rock C. beneath a tree

3. The emergency number to dial during mountain hiking is …
A. 999 and 110 B. 999 and 112 C. 112 and 911

4. When trapped during hiking in the mountains, which of the following items can get the attention of the rescue team?
A. camouflage umbrella B. camouflage wind jacket C. green backpack

5. Which of the following drinks is suitable to have when mountain hiking?
A. bubble milk tea B. coffee to refresh the mind C. plain drinking water

Answer will be posted in the comments.

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