October 26, 2020



– 月經失調,例如經常推遲、月經量少、閉經
– 皮膚較油膩,易生暗瘡
– 體毛增多,多見於口唇、下顎、下腹等
– 體重增加,不易減肥
– 不易受孕

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Learn more about polycystic ovary syndrome
It seems like there is an increased case of ladies with difficulty conceiving in recent years. Many find out they have polycystic ovary syndrome when consulting doctors. It is a type of endocrine disease, with cysts in the ovaries, lowered frequency of ovulation, and too much male hormones leading to the following symptoms:

– irregular menstruation, for example, frequently late, low in volume, or even amenorrhea
– oily skin, prone to acne
– increased bodily hair, commonly near lips, jaws and lower abdomen
– weight gain, with difficulty to lose
– difficulty conceiving

From Chinese medicine perspective, polycystic ovary syndrome is caused by asthenic kidneys, phlegm and dampness, or qi stagnation blood stasis. Kidney essense is a basic component of reproductive system growth, loss of kidney essence will weaken the reproductive system. Phlegm and dampness, qi stagnation and blood stasis will lead to poor blood circulation in the uterus leading to late menstruation, amenorrhea, and inability to conceive. Chinese medicine treatment will focus on replenishing the kidneys, as well as strengthening the spleen, dispelling dampness, and activating blood to relieve stasis. You can appropriately consume kidney replenishing ingredients such as black beans, walnuts, chestnuts, mulberry, and mulberry mistletoe. It is also important to adjust your lifestyle by reducing stress, avoid late nights, exercise appropriately, and controlling weight when obese.

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