February 24, 2017








✼Nightmares that feel too real?✼
Frequent dreaming is a form of insomnia, and it is usually accompanied by sudden awakening from nightmares. Other symptoms include absent-mindedness, unsettling feelings, easily startled, and heart palpitations.
☞Effects: Calm the heart and mind. Relieves symptoms of frequent dreaming and nervousness.
☞Instructions: Cut into small pieces, rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine ingredients with 600ml of water in a pot and place over high heat until the water boils. Then switch to low heat and simmer for an additional 20 minutes. Once cooked, this tea can be stored in a thermos and re-brewed until it flavour weakens. Suggested to drink for two consecutive days.
☞Note: The effects of this tea is maximized if drank 2 hours before sleep.
⚠️Not recommended for those recovering from cold or flu, or those prone to acid reflux.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.